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SIT Cyber Security

Offered by SITAcademy

About the course

Beyond any doubt, emerging information technologies are the disruptive force of the 21st century. Organizations need executives that can effectively and efficiently assess trends and emerging applications.

Learn about the most important cyber risks for organizations and how to address them from a management standpoint, without the need of a deep technical previous knowledge.

  • Estimated time to complete: 15 hours
  • Format: Available online only
  • Price: $350
  • Online certificate: Available upon completion
  • Instruction language: English

Study plan

Module 1. Cyber principles

Learn more about the Internet basics, potential software vulnerabilities, and cryptography and encryption.

12 videos, 12 quizzes

Module 2. Foundation of cyber security

In this module, you will learn about cyber threats, malware threats, botnet operations, web attacks, ransomware, data breaches, advanced cyber threats, targeted cyber attacks, MITRE ATT&CK framework.

30 videos, 30 quizzes

Module 3. Cyber prevention methods

Once you learn what cyber threats your organization might encounter, it's time to learn how to handle them properly. This module covers such topics as: cyber security measures, physical defense, email security, network protection, access control, cloud security, administrative defense, threat intelligence, penetration testing, bug bounty.

48 videos, 48 quizzes

Module 4. Beyond cyber prevention

In addition to cyber threats, there are other things to look out for when it comes to cyber security management. This module covers the following topis: cyber security management, human resources, IT strategy, security framework, risk management, industry-specific regulations.

36 videos, 36 quizzes

Module 5. Readiness, response, and organization

In this module, you will learn more about cyber audit and remediation, forensic analysis, disaster recovery, incident handling, and data breach response.

15 videos, 15 quizzes


Candid Wüest, SIT Faculty

Candid Wüest, SIT Faculty

He has accumulated extensive experience in the field of IT security for the past 20 years.

Before joining SIT, he has been employed by Symantec Switzerland. As Principal Threat Researcher he evaluated current and future trends in the threat landscape and researches new protection methods.

Prior to this he analyzed computer viruses for the Symantec Anti-Malware Lab in Dublin and created malware signatures.

He also worked for the Global Security Analyzing Lab of IBM Research in Rüschlikon and for Creative Netconsulting which he co-founded as Chief Security Officer (CSO).

He did his master in computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

He has published many papers and articles on IT security and is a frequent presenter at conferences like IDG, VB or RSA.

Rainer Kessler, Visiting SIT Faculty

Rainer Kessler, Visiting SIT Faculty

He is Partner Emerging Technology Assurance at PWC in Switzerland and Partner at Cyber:Hub.

He is the former Global Head of Group Information Security (CISO) at UBS and has over 15 years of experience in designing, assessing, and transforming secure enterprise solutions.

He is a regular guest lecturer and key not speaker on topics such as Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence Safety, Blockchain Assurance, and Digitalization.

He holds a Master of Laws in International Business as well as a Master of Business Administration.